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CCNP is creating sustainable solutions that make a difference in the lives of low-income families. Since implementing our FamilySource program in October 2009, the following are highlights of our program accomplishments through December 2011:

  • 6,978 low-income City residents were served by our FamilySource
    This represents a 513% increase over the number of City residents served through our stand-alone delivery model.
  • $1,334,086 increased family income was realized for program participants through:
    attainment of a job, obtaining EITC credit, opening a bank account, obtaining child/other tax credit, child support or child care, enrolling in a utilities discount program, obtaining low cost auto insurance, health insurance, food stamps, TANF, WIC, or other public benefit assistance.
  • 502 youth experienced increased academic achievement
    These youth remained in school and showed progression in grade level as a result of educational support services provided through our FamilySource.
  • 282 people received free tax preparation services and $119,386 in Earned Income Tax Credit dollars generated
    This represents the highest number of tax returns processed for new VITA programs in Los Angeles.
  • 1,779 people served via One e-App
    One e-App is the automated eligibility determination tool for qualifying City residents for a variety of federal, state and local services including, but not limited to: Medi-Cal, CalFresh (food stamps) and workforce development services.
  • Customer Satisfaction of 9.38 on a scale of 10
    California State University Northridge conducted two customer satisfaction surveys of FamilySource participants during the program year, and results revealed high levels of satisfaction with services, staff and facility.
  • Community planning efforts resulted in over $1.7 million in transportation enhancement and infrastructure improvement projects
    Utilizing our community-driven transportation plans, the City secured $1,098,912 for transportation enhancement projects on Beverly Boulevard through the 2009 MTA Call for Projects and $686,000 for traffic safety infrastructure improvements for Esperanza Elementary School, John Liechty Middle School and Union Avenue Elementary School through the 2011 Safe Routes to School funding.

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