CCNP Annual Events

Community engagement is an integral part of the work we do at CCNP. Our community looks forward to dynamic, educational, and interactive events throughout the year.


Discover our calendar of enriching annual events designed to foster community engagement and holistic well-being throughout the year. Join us for:

  • March: Women’s Wellness Conference – Empowering women to prioritize their health and well-being through informative workshops and inspiring speakers.

  • May: Mother’s Day Celebration – Honoring the invaluable contributions of mothers with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.
  • August: Back-to-School Celebration – Equipping students and families with the resources they need for a successful academic year.

September: Financial Wellness Conference – Empowering individuals and families to take control of their financial futures through practical guidance and support.

October: Health Awareness Month – Promoting physical health and well-being through a variety of educational seminars and activities.

  • November: Volunteer/Thanksgiving Celebration – Expressing gratitude to our dedicated volunteers and celebrating their selfless contributions.

  • December: Winter Celebration – Spreading joy and warmth throughout the community with festive music, food, and activities.

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