YOU have the power to help vulnerable communities by donating or volunteering your time to CCNP! Your involvement with CCNP enables systemic change in communities and creates lasting change by empowering families to become leaders and advocates for change in their communities.
Giving time is one of the most valuable contributions you can make. If you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities please fill out this form or email us at info@laccnp.org

CCNP’s Promotora Program

Our Women and Community Promotora program is a 10-week program that is designed to empower women to be advocates for their community.  Women from the community receive soft and hard job skills training combined with information on relevant programs and services, and specific guidance on how to effectively engage the community at large. This program is for anyone who wants to become an advocate for their community and is committed to the CCNP’s mission and vision. The 10-week program is offered once per year.  Fill out the form or send us an email at info@laccnp.org to learn more.

CCNP’s VITA Program

Through our VITA program, your support will help us return over $4.6 million to the community. You will gain customer service and financial skills and experience through becoming a certified VITA IRS tax preparer. Not quite ready to do someone’s taxes? That’s okay! We also need help with greeting, intakes, and general office work.  Fill out the form or send us an email at vita@laccnp.org to learn more.

CCNP’s Youth Leadership Program

Currently looking for a place where you can complete your volunteer hours, where you can discuss current events, or even acquire a paid internship? Designed for youth in Middle School and High School, CCNP’s Youth Leadership program will help you meet your academic goals, gain your first experience in the workforce, and make a difference in your community. Fill out the form or email us at collegecorner@laccnp.org

Food Security Program

Every Thursday CCNP distributes fresh and nutritious food to low-income and food-insecure households within the County and City of Los Angeles. YOU can help by joining us on Wednesday to help prepare the food bags or on Thursdays to help distribute the food to the community! Fill out the form or send us an email at info@laccnp.org to learn more.

Community Engagement Events

CCNP has special community events each year. This is a perfect way to get involved with minimal commitment. If you are interested in helping with special events or local initiatives let us know! Fill out the form or send us an email at info@laccnp.org to learn more.

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