CCNP’s Youth Services strives for youth empowerment through economic and workforce development and incorporates academic supports, youth leadership, civic engagement, and internship opportunities. To volunteer, please fill out this form or email for more information.

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Youth Services

College Corner

The College Corner Program is designed to help students attain their educational goals and improve their overall academic achievement. Through group and individual tutoring, youth council, volunteer opportunities, referrals to paid internships, and college and career readiness activities, students are able to grow in various aspects and prepare for a successful future. Additional services include educational assessments by an LAUSD Pupil Services Attendance Counselor, yearly spring and summer camps for middle and high school students, and college tours.


Youth Leadership Program

CCNP’s “L.A. City and You” youth leadership program is designed to encourage youth to become civically engaged in their local communities within the City of Los Angeles. Through the program, CCNP engages youth participants in discussions regarding issues that are currently impacting their communities and are provided with a space to take action towards making a change. In addition, CCNP offers youth participants the opportunity to volunteer in our Food Security Program and other projects as needed. CCNP accepts youth volunteers beginning in 7th grade with parental consent.  CCNP’s Youth Council meets every Wednesday from 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Pueblo Unido Project

In 2021, CCNP established the Pueblo Unido Project (PUP), an education-based program for youth who are between the ages of 13-24 years to help them understand the underlying risk, protective factors, and contributing conditions that are implicated in substance abuse and the risks for HIV among youth. Youth participants meet twice a week for 6 weeks with CCNP navigators and learn drug abuse prevention awareness, HIV awareness (HIV), and how to cope with high-risk behaviors. The curriculum also focuses on academic achievement and developing tools for positive behavior that participants can use for the rest of their life. 



Super Senior Project

In 2019, CCNP established the CCNP Super Senior Project in an effort to support high school juniors and seniors with the transition to adulthood. Youth participants meet weekly for 5 weeks with CCNP financial coaches to receive basic financial education and workforce development topics and establish individualized goals to help them prepare for life after high school.


Internship Host Site

CCNP works closely with the City of Los Angeles YouthSource Centers as an internship host site for youth ages 14-24. Yearly, CCNP hosts approximately 60 youth interns who are matched with a CCNP project and a CCNP team member who mentors the intern throughout the placement at CCNP. For most youth interns, this is their first work experience and the first opportunity to build their resumes!

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