Financial Coach

Description: The Financial Coach provides financial education classes and individual financial coaching for FamilySource program participants, as a way to improve their money management skills and increase their income. Individual meetings focus on helping participants improve their credit, decrease their debt, increase savings, improve money management, and avoid predatory financial services.


  1. Develop with the FSC customers, mutually agreed upon goals and dreams;

  2. Build the families’ knowledge, skills, and access to products and services around five pillars of financial security: 1) assets- assist families in building assets by working with them to create and implement plans for consistent savings, 2) banking – connect families to low-cost mainstream banking services, 3) credit – assist families in boosting credit scores by addressing negative information on credit reports and helping them build a solid credit history, 4) debt – assist families in reducing their debt through budgeting and financial planning, and 5) taxes – assist families with free tax preparation services to ensure families receive local and federal tax credits as well as encouraging them to save a portion of their refund for long-term goals;

  3. Provide and coordinate financial education workshops, which includes: preparation, speaker/partner coordination, coordination with sites, room set-up, class facilitation, program evaluation, and follow up with participants;

  4. Works with the team to continuously improve curriculum design and delivery utilizing participants’ feedback, self-evaluation, and by staying current on best- and promising practices in the field;

  5. Provides individual financial coaching to class participants to help participants meet their individual financial goals;

  6. Maintain complete and accurate customer files;

  7. Collect and compile customer data for program assessment and evaluation purposes and incorporate customer success stories and anecdotes into program reports; may include preparing and entering data into various data tracking systems, and pulling/reviewing pre-set reports as needed by funder or for program evaluation purposes;

  8. Network and maintain relationships with CCNP program staff, financial institutions, and other social service providers to exchange referrals;

  9. Maintain and document financial coaching activities in accordance with agency and funder guidelines and procedures.  Collect data and participate in evaluation and quality assurance activities;

  10. Conduct community presentations and assist with training and meetings;

  11. Prepare and submit program reports to supervisor on a monthly basis;

  12. Attend and actively participate in team meetings, in-service trainings, staff development meetings, and all required CCNP’s meetings and trainings;

  13. Participate in the FamilySource performance excellence initiative;

  14. Participate in the planning and coordination of yearly events for families, including Financial Wellness conference, potluck dinners and dances, summer camp, community resource fairs, and holiday events; and

  15. Other duties as assigned by supervisor and executive leadership


  • Bilingual in English and Spanish
  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field
  • COVID 19 vaccinated 

If interested, please submit your Resume and Cover Letter.

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