Intake & Eligibility Coordinator

The Intake and Eligibility Coordinator is the first-person community members meet when they contact the FamilySource Center (FSC) managed by CCNP. The Intake and Eligibility Coordinator is responsible for engaging and enrolling 100 unique families on a monthly basis. Additionally, the Intake and Eligibility Coordinator will (1) Identify and focus on the strengths of each family 2) develop goals centered around the family’s status and assessed needs, and 3) assist families in recognizing all possible supports both formal and informal 4) assist families to help them achieve their personal goals and 5) ensure that families remain economically self-sufficient. A successful candidate will be able to understand the needs of the individual and be able to assist them if not, they will refer them to the appropriate staff in order to assist those needs. The Intake and Eligibility Coordinator will also collaborate with community partners and other professionals to create support for the family and help create systemic change while being mindful of issues that affect families being served. The Intake and Eligibility Coordinator will also assist with VITA- Tax Preparation Program in collaboration with the VITA Coordinator.

Salary: $16.25-$18.00 an hour

Job Type: Full Time, Benefits: Health and Dental Insurance, 401K, Paid time off


  • High School diploma required; College degree preferred
  • Completed COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Tuberculin (TB) health Screening
  • Driver’s License

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