Intake and Eligibility Coordinator

Description: The Intake and Eligibility Coordinator oversees many of the duties related to the families served by the FamilySource Center.  Duties include assisting families to achieve their personal goals and ensuring that families remain economically self-sufficient. These outcomes are accomplished through the Intake and Eligibility Coordinator engagement in the following: Identifying and focusing on the strengths of each family, developing goals centered around the family’s stated and assessed needs, assisting the family in recognizing all possible supports both formal and informal, helping to enhance parent-child relationships within the family.  Intake and Eligibility Coordinators will also collaborate with community partners and other professionals to create support for the family and to affect changes at a systems level by being mindful of issues that affect the families. The Intake and Eligibility Coordinator will assist with all VITA- Tax Preparation Program in collaboration with the VITA Coordinator.  


  1. Conduct intake, multi-benefit screenings, and comprehensive assessments of families’ needs, including a financial health assessment of the families’ banking, credit, debt, and savings as well as educational and psychosocial assessments through LAUSD Pupil Service Attendance Counselors;

  2. Identify, develop and coordinate high-quality community resources, services, and referrals that will enhance the economic opportunity of families and assist them in addressing their needs;

  3. Conduct Multi-benefit Screenings using the online tool YBN.

  4. Determine specific needs to achieve the two primary outcomes of the FamilySource Center 1) Increase family income; 2) increase youth academic achievement.

  5.  Establishes and maintains collaborative working relationships with community resources; develops community resources and referrals; works with other team members on facilitating events as needed;

  6. Maintains case record files; prepares statistical reports; participates in in-service training and staff development activities; maintains up to date information regarding customers prepares and submits reports to supervisor on a monthly basis; enters participant information into the ISIS and Success Measures database on a daily basis, including updates; and other documentation as needed.

  7. Familiarize families with the services coordination strategy, the visioning process of client goal-setting, and program expectations

  8. Maintain appropriate documentation to track families’ program participation

  9. Ensure that the family sign all appropriate paperwork

  10. Maintain up-to-date files and complete documentation in all client files as needed, including documentation of all meetings, referrals, and supportive services delivered

  11. Present information in daily check-ins and weekly services review meetings with team members

  12. Ability to manage databases and reporting systems in order to produce a variety of written reports

  13. Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written skills required; ability to use tact and diplomacy in communication;

  14. Participate in the planning and coordination of yearly events for families, including potluck dinners and dances, summer camp, community resource fairs, and holiday events; and

  15. Other duties as assigned by supervisor and executive leadership.


  • Bilingual in English and Spanish
  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field
  • COVID 19 vaccinated 

If interested, please submit your Resume and Cover Letter.

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