Communications Coordinator

The CCNP Communications Coordinator will be an enthusiastic, outgoing individual with a considerable social media presence and knowledge. The Communications Coordinator will be responsible for representing CCNP in multiple settings, creating content (flyers, testimonials, newsletters, videos, etc.) for the organization, and will oversee the organization’s social media platforms and communications. The ideal candidate should be knowledgeable of all services the organization has to offer in order to create content and is able to represent the organization in a positive matter. This person should anticipate face-to-face interactions being a major part of the job. The communications coordinator is expected to constantly be engaged with the community in order to generate awareness.

Salary: $20.00-$24.00 an hour

Job Type: Full Time with Benefits: Health and Dental Insurance, 401K, Paid time off


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or similar field or High School Graduate pursuing a College Degree in marketing or similar industry
  • Proficient understanding of the marketing world and social media platforms.
  • Completed COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Tuberculin (TB) health Screening
  • Driver’s License

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